If You’re Stuck in an Unsexy Rut With Your Partner, Try These 9 Fun Sex Games

9 Fun Sex Games To Play If You’re Stuck In An Unsexy Rut With Your Partner

Everyone experiences sex differently, but if a roll in the sack feels like a job like doing the dishes or taking out the garbage, it’s time to switch things up. Sex games, like computer games, do not have to be solely goal-oriented.

A fun sex game is designed to help you broaden your sexual pleasure (and maybe even make you laugh a little).

Now, I’m not talking about games like Truth or Dare or Seven Minutes in Heaven, or even a quick round of Spin the Bottle.

There are a plethora of internet resources, toys, and tools available to help you gamify your sex life and make all aspects of the sexual response cycle truly count. Even if you’re simply playing single-player games for now, there are some fun possibilities. Seven entertaining activities to emphasize the “play” in sex play are listed below.

Playing sex games with your spouse may be a lot of fun (or yourself)
Couples sex games that are entertaining

1. EmojiGasm Dice from CalExotics

CalExotics Emojigasm Dice ($9) is a super non-intimidating (read: adorable) way to figure out where the night should take you if you and your lover don’t know where to start. With each die representing a different body part, action, or location, you’re sure to have a good time with these pals.

2. Sex and Relationship Conversation Starter Cards “Use Your Mouth”

Although we don’t recommend playing strip poker, these “Use Your Mouth” Cards ($25) curated by sexologist Shamyra Howard, LCSW are ideal for exploring wants with a new (or, better yet, old!) partner.

It includes a deck of 50 open-ended questions about sex and relationships that will bring you and your partner closer together. Like, a lot closer.

3. A vibrator with a remote control

Get your toys out of the toy box! You can use any other wearable vibrator you like, but something that can be controlled remotely is excellent.

“Connect to the We-Connect app by wearing a toy like the We-Vibe Moxie ($129) or Ditto ($129) out for the day,” says sexologist Jess O’Reilly, PhD. “Make a competition to see who finds it more distracting, such as can you sit through an entire meeting? The winner will receive a sensual surprise of their choice.”

4. Date Night Loopy Box

Break out this board game for your next adults-only game night or romantic night in. It’s meant to help couples improve their relationship both in and out of the bedroom. All of the standard board game components are included, including cards, a spinner, and the famous satin blindfold… Wink, wink, wink, wink, wink, wink, win

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5. Kinkly’s Sex Position Generator is number five.

The deeper you get into a relationship, the more likely you are to develop a certified sex routine—a sequence of practically choreographed motions that either succeed or eventually lose their luster.

Kinkly has a sex position generator that you may filter by position type, erogenous zone stimulation, mobility, and accessories if the spark has gone out. Plug in your gratification and see what happens!

6. It’s Been a Year of Sex! Cards with Sexual Positions

With this Kama Sutra-inspired deck of cards, you may challenge yourself to a year of sex and 50 different positions. They’re a simple method to keep things spicier in the bedroom, ensuring a new adventure every night.

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7. The Foreplay Wheel

Wheel of Foreplay is a veritable circus of imaginative sex concepts, delivered through a virtual wheel and several game packs. You’ll get varied prompts depending on the nature of your sexual interaction (long distance, solitary sex, etc.).

I just choose a card from the pack Some Like It Hot. It says to “get on a streaming service and view the last episode you watched.” “During the show’s introductory segment, your partner must conduct oral sex.”

Although that appears to be a shady approach to repurpose the Sailor Moon theme song, I admire the guts.

8. Strip and Netflix

In terms of resources, all you’ll need is Netflix or another streaming site. Isn’t it simple? This is a rather straightforward game. Each of you chooses a distinct word that should appear frequently during the play.

“For example, if your chosen word is ‘yes,’ each time you hear it, you remove one piece of your partner’s clothing,” explains Dr. O’Reilly. “If they choose ‘no’ as their magic word, they will deduct one article from your account each time they hear it.

You have the option of sharing your words or keeping them hidden and letting your companion guess. It’s also easier to cheat if you don’t reveal your word to your lover—and a little cheating is fine in this situation as long as it’s lighthearted and consenting.”

Eforia is number nine.

Eforia is a sexual wellness app with a variety of features to help you get in the mood, but one in particular is useful for turning oneself on during solo sex.

The “play” option is essentially a filthy choose-your-own adventure roleplay in which you receive texts from a fictitious person based on an erotic story. When my roommate stepped into the kitchen, I was testing it out (for journalism) and things got so hot that I literally flipped my phone over. Let’s get this party started, shall we?