Jordan Love once again shown that he cannot succeed Aaron Rodgers

When the starting quarterback of the Green Bay Packers announces his retirement, Jordan Love is throwing too many interceptions in a preseason game for the team to even consider replacing Aaron Rodgers.

The Green Bay Packers’ decision to move up to select Jordan Love as their starting quarterback to replace Aaron Rodgers was a massive waste of time and money for everyone involved, something we could have told you back then.

Before Matt Wells and his crew decided to try their luck in Lubbock, Love was undoubtedly a sophomore phenomenon at Utah State.

Although he had a disastrous first season with the Aggies, he had produced enough on tape for Packers general manager Brian Gutenkunst to take a chance on the quarterback in the project phase. Instead, he is flinging choices like Nathan Peterman as we reach year three.

Love’s preseason performance against the San Francisco 49ers may have left Packers head coach Matt LaFleur “pleased,” but two touchdowns to three interceptions on 13 of 24 passes for 176 yards is hardly impressive. There is essentially no chance the Packers will exercise Love’s fifth-year option. Rodgers will remain a monster throughout.

Love’s impersonation of Mel Kiper Jr. in response to being selected in the 2020 selection was excellent.

There is no way Jordan Love could ever succeed Aaron Rodgers

Look. No matter how LaFleur tries to make Love look good, he isn’t it, bro. It’s OK because everyone is aware. Despite the fact that it was only a preseason game against a team that Rodgers has no idea how to beat when it counts, Love threw three interceptions!

Rodgers is a lot of things, but he isn’t innately careless with the ball. What does love have to do with it, then?

If the Packers think Rodgers’ future is uncertain at this point, they must identify and groom a quarterback whose skill set is similar to his.

Rodgers will never throw three interceptions in a single game, albeit it’s easier said than done. He might even go more than a full season without throwing his fourth interception of the year. Do you see the issue here? Okay, let’s continue.

The Packers may have one of the worst receiving corps in football, but they also have the best quarterback in the NFC, a developing defense, and a potent running attack.

Green Bay is the favorite to win the NFC North, even if the Minnesota Vikings are on the rise. Anything less than an appearance in the NFC Championship game at this point will be viewed as a major letdown.

One day the Packers will need to replace Rodgers, but Love is definitely not that player.