Keyshia Cole Discusses An Incident That Led To The End Of Her Friendship With Eve

Keyshia Cole Opens Up About An Incident That Caused Her Friendship With Eve To End

Chile! Keyshia Cole used to be ready to put the paws on people when it came to being a ride or die friend! However, an incident with Eve that terminated their friendship made her reconsider her behavior.

The Oakland vocalist revealed how her bad behavior cost her a lot of money on a recent edition of TV One’s ‘Uncensored.’

“It was still in me when I arrived straight from Oakland [California].” The disrespect, the things that would happen, and how we would manage it if it came from the ‘hood. It seemed as though we were simply fighting.

“Learning not to put my hands on people took a long time; you know what I’m talking about,” she remarked. She described slapping a woman in the club who took Eve’s pocketbook.

“With Eve, something strange happened. We were heading out when someone grabbed her bag or something, so I turned around and hit the girl,” Keyshia explained. “I was like, ‘What are you doing, girl?'”

“Take a step back.” As the video progressed, Keyshia recounted how the slap enraged Ruff Ryders’ first wife. “Eve was so furious about it that we stopped hanging out,” Keyshia stated. ‘I can’t hang with Keyshia because she can’t be slapping people,’ she said. Despite her confusion regarding Eve’s rage, the “Love” singer expressed the lesson she had learnt.

“It also taught me a lot later because of who I am now.” She, too, could face legal action. As a member of her staff, I should’ve just left it to security. Someone is compensated for that; you understand what I mean.”

“I understand now why she was PISSSSSSSSED,” Keyshia said as she entered The Shade Room. Do you believe Eve took the correct decision by ending her friendship with Keyshia, roommates?