Mo Salah misses a penalty when a Senegalese fan uses lasers to blind him

Watch: Mo Salah Misses Penalty After Senegal Fan Blind Him With Lasers

Egypt’s Mo Salah sailed his penalty in a loser-out game for World Cup qualification after fans sprayed lasers in his face.

How did the game not come to a halt? This is probably what Egypt soccer fans across the world are wondering after star player Mo Salah was poised to take a penalty shot when lasers were pointed at his face.

Salah missed his penalty attempt in the shootout in a winner-take-all World Cup qualifying game. Sadio Mane, a Liverpool teammate, scored the goal that qualified Senegal for the World Cup. Salah and Egypt are no longer in the game.

I mean, just look at this. Salah sails his penalty over… and surely anybody would, given the lasers.

Mane scores, Senegal wins the shootout, Egypt out of the World Cup

— Henry Bushnell (@HenryBushnell) March 29, 2022

The use of lasers all over Mo Salah should never have been permitted

It’s bad enough that Egypt won’t be attending the World Cup in Qatar later this year, but now they’ve had to witness Senegal fans doing the same thing to Salah? With the lasers all around him, there’s no way he could have been totally focused on his shot attempt.

With these lasers, how were these fans even permitted into the stadium? When security saw what was going on, they had to order the supporters to stop what they were doing and remove them from the stadium.

This was not a friendly match between nations. This was a game and a penalty shootout to determine which country would represent the United States at the World Cup. These countries and teams work so hard to qualify for the tournament, which takes place every four years. For many people, the fact that these lasers may have cost Egypt a trip must be frustrating.

Those same enraged supporters will now speculate on what may have happened if Salah hadn’t been so blatantly preoccupied.