Sean Penn, the director, was found in Lviv

Director Sean Penn Reached In Lviv

The well-known American figure is a strong supporter of Ukraine.

Sean Penn, a 61-year-old American actor and film director, arrived in Lviv with the CORE charity team.

Maxim Kozitsky, a politician and the head of the Lviv regional government, has previously met with the philanthropists. They talked about, as everyone knows, how to help refugees from Ukraine.

“Today, I was in Lviv with the CORE team, working on a strategy to extend our activities in the country in collaboration with local authorities and non-governmental groups. Governor Maxim Kozitsky and I had a fantastic encounter.

” In his message, the filmmaker included a link for anyone who wants to donate to his charitable organization, CORE, which actively helps Ukrainians afflicted by the conflict.

Focus previously reported on Sean Penn, the Oscar-winning filmmaker and Madonna’s ex-husband, who demanded that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky’s remarks at the Oscars-2022 film award ceremony be shown.

If this does not happen, the star claims he will melt his Oscar figurines. As you may know, Zelensky’s movie was not played at the ceremony, but film professors accepted it and held a minute of sorrow for those dead in Ukraine, as well as showing footage of ruined Ukrainian cities.

In the fall of 2021, Sean Penn traveled to the Ukrainian Donbass to gather footage for his upcoming film about the conflict in Ukraine.