The Cardinals are being chastised by Tony La Russa for promoting allegations…

Tony La Russa Calls Out Cardinals For Spreading Rumors About Mike Shildt

The Cardinals are being chastised by Tony La Russa for promoting allegations against Mike Shildt.

Tony La Russa had some views on the St. Louis Cardinals’ firing of Mike Shildt.

Tony La Russa, although the manager of the Chicago White Sox, has strong ties to the St. Louis Cardinals organization, including former manager Mike Shildt.

While Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY Sports’ piece on why the newly fired skipper is out of a job didn’t reveal much, La Russa was forthright about his feelings about the situation. Shildt had been a long-time coach in the Cardinals organization until taking over as the team’s manager in 2018. At the ripe old age of 35, Oliver Marmol takes over the Redbirds.

Here’s the full quote from La Russa on the subject.

“That one iced my behind,” La Russa stated. “If it was harmful, it had to be in the front office,” I said. ( I’m a Cardinals fan. Everyone is free to make their own choices. However, if you start talking about it, it may jeopardize his ability to manage again in the eyes of others who don’t know any better. He did a fantastic job.

“What are the philosophical differences?” Okay,”However, is it toxic?”

“He’s one of a kind.” That is why it is critical that his reputation remain unblemished. “

After the St. Louis Cardinals fired Mike Shildt, Tony La Russa went to bat for him.

Toxicity is a label that no one wants associated with their name in the past, present, or future. While no one outside of the Cardinals organization knows for sure what was going on, something is definitely wrong with the franchise’s decision to split ways with Shildt after he led the team to the playoffs on a regular basis.

It’s possible that the front office believes he’s reached his management limit with the company. That’s reasonable, but keep in mind that the Cardinals share the National League Central with the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers, two of baseball’s top clubs. Despite the fact that the Cardinals did not win the National League Central last season, they were still one of the top five teams in the Senior Circuit.

On the other hand, La Russa, on the other hand, may still have a lot of ties to the Cardinals organization, but he now has a competitive team to manage in the AL Central. The White Sox are the clear favorites to win the division again. Anything less than an ALCS berth would be considered a disappointment for the South Siders. Their competitive window has closed, and La Russa can no longer be cornered.

La Russa has been all about St. Louis lately, whether it’s Pujols’ comeback or Shildt’s firing.