The Grammys are being slammed by Drakeo The Ruler’s brother for being left out…

Drakeo The Ruler’s Brother Slams The Grammys For Excluding Him From The In Memoriam Tribute

The Grammys are being slammed by Drakeo The Ruler’s brother for being left out of the In Memoriam Tribute

The yearly tribute to all the artists who have died in the previous year was inevitably featured during this year’s Grammys—however, Drakeo was not The ruler’s family was less than pleased when Drakeo appeared.

The Ruler was not included. Drakeo The Ruler’s brother told TMZ that he was sad that he wasn’t in the Grammys’ “In Memoriam” section.

Drakeo “It comes out as a spit in the face, disregarding the reality that we’ve developed an entire movement that provided the impetus for underground developing L.A. musicians to have a platform,” Ralfy The Plug, The Ruler’s brother, said.

Leaving Drakeo out of their homage and not acknowledging his existence sums up exactly what we believe the industry has been trying to achieve,” Ralfy concluded. “Get rid of us.”

He wasn’t through yet, and he criticized local law enforcement as well. “Let alone the fact that we lost my brother, Drakeo the Ruler, the poster child for police enforcement’s systematic prejudices against rappers, who used songs against our culture and violated our constitutional rights to freedom of speech—the First Amendment.”

Fans of various genres noted that Drakeo wasn’t the only artist who was absent from the Grammys homage on social media during the ceremony.