The relationship between Greg Mathis Jr. and his boyfriend is moving…

The relationship between Greg Mathis Jr. and his boyfriend is moving forward significantly

Greg Mathis Jr. and his lover, Elliott Cooper, are moving forward in their relationship after Elliott Cooper shared his coming-out story on Mathis Family Matters.

The pair decided it was time to say goodbye to Greg’s parents, Judge Greg Mathis and Linda Mathis, move out, and find a place of their own in the June 26 episode of the E! reality series.

They decided on California, but not before thinking back on their first date in Washington, D.C.

Greg Jr. remembered, “I met Elliott on Valentine’s Day. We didn’t read the Bible since we were a little inebriated when we returned to my apartment.

Returning to the topic at hand, Elliott, a native of the South, said that even if he hadn’t fully adjusted to life in Los Angeles, he wanted Greg Jr. to be content.

Living close to his parents and siblings, Amir Mathis, Jade Mathis, and Camara Mathis Webb, and their family would also make Greg Jr. happy.

Greg Jr. acknowledged this in a confessional, saying, “Elliott is the man I want to spend my life with. I’m sure of it.”

I also know that Los Angeles is where I want to be. I need to persuade Elliott that LA is where we both need to live permanently because I don’t want to be forced to pick between Elliott and my family. “

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Greg Jr. requested Jade to come to LA with him and Elliott, so they weren’t the only Mathis family members making the official move to the West Coast. Jade remarked that the fact that Greg and Elliott wanted me to move in with them meant a lot to me.

They have been my pillar of support, especially during some trying moments in Washington, and that means the world to me.

Jade, a prosecutor in Washington, D.C., for many years, revealed that she began to feel the strain of major cases, which was especially worrying given that she has a mental disorder. Jade said she is “beginning to feel alive again” since moving to LA, nevertheless.

The trio eventually decided on a house to name “home” after looking at a few other ones. Greg Jr. understood that Elliott would need some time to get used to the cross-country trip, but he also understood that “one little win at a time will gradually add up to a complete victory.”

“Knowing how much this house would truly make Elliott like LA just a little bit more is part of having this house,” he continued. It is filled with everything he would adore.