This statistic demonstrates that the Steelers’ defensive prowess is more…

This statistic demonstrates that the Steelers’ defensive prowess is more than a story

The Pittsburgh Steelers are well-known for their outstanding defense, and this isn’t just a reputation. This is demonstrated by a statistic from the twenty-first century.

If you had to describe each NFL team in one word, you could surely argue that the Pittsburgh Steelers belong in that category.

Across decades and generations, the black and gold outfits have been associated with tenacious defense. When it comes to defense, everyone understands the importance of a strong pass rush.

T.J. Watt is now in charge of setting the defensive tone for Pittsburgh. However, the top defender’s reputation for getting to the quarterback predates him.

By far, the most sacks have been recorded by the Steelers this century

According to a tweet from Sunday Night Football, the Steelers are the masters of getting to the quarterback this century.

Over the last two decades, no club has had more sacks than Pittsburgh, which has 986. With 913 points, the Eagles are far behind.

Let’s put this in context. To tie things up in 2022, the Steelers could have zero sacks, and Philadelphia would still need to set a new NFL record for sacks in a season. That means he’ll have one more sack than the Bears of 1984, who had 72.

It’s not like the Steelers have had a slew of anomalous seasons with ridiculously high sack totals. They’ve never had more than 60 in a season before.

Players like James Harrison and Cameron Hayward have led the Steelers to this point with consistent output over many years.

Watt’s achievements are astounding, and they can only get better if he continues to drop quarterbacks like there’s no tomorrow.