Von Miller reveals why he decided to join the Bills after leaving the Rams

Von Miller, fresh off a Super Bowl victory with the Rams, opted to take on a new challenge by signing with the Bills.

Von Miller didn’t join the Bills this season seeking a quick buck. His gaze is fixed on the past.

The two-time Super Bowl champion is looking for his third, and he believes Buffalo will be the team to assist him.

Of course, he could have stayed with the Rams and won another ring in Los Angeles, but his decision was more complicated than that.

Von Miller reveals why he decided to join the Bills after leaving the Rams

“I could have simply stayed in LA and rode off into the sunset with Aaron Donald, piling up sacks, but I wasn’t satisfied.” I was dissatisfied with my current situation.

“I was still looking for more,” Miller explained. “I want to come here selfishly and be the only individual in history to win three Super Bowls with three different clubs.”

If he wins one with the Bills, Miller will become the only player in NFL history to win three Super Bowl rings with three different teams. Many people have done it with two franchises, but never with three.

Miller definitely wanted to make history, but he had a choice of 29 teams from which to do so. Why the bills in particular?

“This is a special team,” Miller said. “They’re right on the brink, and I just wanted to be the last drop to flood these guys.”

Buffalo is really close. They advanced to the AFC Championship Game in 2021 and came within seconds of doing so again before losing in overtime to the Chiefs earlier this year. Miller may be the final piece to put them over the top.