Warriors fans can no longer moan about Scott Foster

When NBA official Scott Foster ejected DeMarcus Cousins from Game 1, he became the center of attention. Warriors fans can no longer complain.Foster has been a local villain for years due to his late postseason calls and even technical fouls given out for no apparent reason — just look at what happened when Cousins was a member of this Golden State team a few years ago.

DeMarcus Cousins’ untimely ejection this time didn’t occur while he was on the bench, unable to play due to injury. The big man, now with the Denver Nuggets, was hoping to contribute down the stretch for a team that could use that kind of scoring punch.

Foster, on the other hand, threw him out yet again, proving once and for all that his bias isn’t against one team in particular, such as the Warriors. Rather, his bias is player-centric, as evidenced by his dislike for Chris Paul and, of course, Cousins.

Despite DeMarcus Cousins’ technology, Warriors fans believe Scott Foster is out to get them

When it comes to Foster’s looming bias, Warriors fans point to specific instances. Foster has been the Dubs’ boogeyman for quite some time, according to SF Gate:

“Foster’s history against the Warriors has been more fan-driven than reality-driven. Sure, there are notable moments that Foster has had against the team such as Cousins’s ejection, former Warrior Shaun Livingston’s first career ejection and the notable drop-off in winning percentage the Dubs had when Foster officiated games that people pointed to in 2018. Of course, during that period the Warriors have enjoyed a level of success that no other NBA team could come close to.”

Golden State supporters aren’t the only ones who believe Foster is working against them; fans of every team Paul and Cousins have ever played for are probably thinking the same thing.

Foster is a seasoned officer who is well-known among his peers. He’s not afraid to go toe-to-toe with players, no matter how powerful they are in the league.

He’ll undoubtedly make some enemies.

Despite what some fans may believe, the entire Dubs franchise is not one of them.