Easter hours at Publix: Do you know if Publix is open on Easter Sunday?

Will Publix be open on Easter Sunday or will another store have to bail you out on your last-minute shopping needs?

Holidays are typically tough when it comes to everyday living routines. Beyond the notion of needing to go out and meet family or build your day around a huge dinner, normal things we take for granted are usually thrown into a total loop.

Case in point: stores that are ordinarily open for us to wander into close their doors for the day.

It’s a little nuisance in the greater scheme of things, but retailers’ modifying their hours for holidays doesn’t lessen the worry of knowing you need something but you’re not sure if or where you can find it.

Grocery stores are particularly tough, and Publix is no stranger to the holiday store hours game. Is Publix open on Easter Sunday or will you have to take your shopping requirements elsewhere to complete whatever meal masterpiece you’re putting up?

Publix Easter hours: Is Publix open or closed on Easter Sunday 2022?

Unfortunately for consumers, Publix is not open on Easter Sunday. The chain will be closing all of its branches for the holiday, which could be terrible news for 11th-hour shopping demands but is excellent news for staff who get a break from the otherwise relentless retail grind.

So while you might not be able to get the thing you need, at least it’s not a total waste of time.

Never fear, though, since there are plenty of options outside of Publix that are open on Easter Sunday.

Grocery businesses, including Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and BJ’s Wholesale Club, are open Sunday. Target, like Publix, will not be open, which means any last-minute shopping needs or desperate attempts to salvage the dinner with whatever missing component you spotted wasn’t there would need to be made elsewhere.