Pyet DeSpain, Next Level Chef, Shares What’s Cooking in Her Kitchen

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Pyet DeSpain’s victory in Next Level Chef meant much more than a trophy.

Rather than sticking to traditional and classic training dishes, the chef chose to highlight native culture and indigenous ingredients to the masses.

It helped her win big. Spoiler alert:

Growing up in a family of cooks and restaurant owners, I learned to really love the process of creating bold flavors, “she told E! News exclusively. But I didn’t see Native American and Mexican American female chefs being highlighted or awarded. “To be able to share that passion with the rest of the world on such a large platform was a dream come true for me.”

Pyet worked with HexClad cookware after she won Gordon Ramsay’s show. She is now sharing some of her favorite kitchen tools with E! News readers.

“I hope that when I cook for others, they feel a big hug around their heart,” Chef Pyet said. Through my food, I express my love and care for people. The longer I take to prepare your meal, the more you’ll realize how much I adore you. I’d like to give more than just a meal; I’d like to give the gift of knowledge and medicine via food. It is the kind of medicine that lingers in the soul and is felt deeply and thoughtfully. That’s the beauty of food: so much energy and emotion can be expressed on a single plate. “

Continue reading to see inside her award-winning kitchen.

Cocktails smoker

“I adore this tiny smoking gun!” “It’s a kitchen tool I bring with me to every event,” Chef Pyet explained. “It’s great for cocktails or adding a smoky flavor to dishes, meats, and my personal favorite, beans.” “It increases the wow factor in presentations!”

Hybrid Pan Hexclad

“Investing in a good set of cookware is critical!” “My kitchen setup hasn’t been the same since cooking in that top-level kitchen on the Next Level Chef set,” Chef Pyet explained. “I had to go out and buy my own set of Hexclad pots and pans.” Hexclad has changed the game in the world of cookware. These pans heat up extremely quickly. They are truly nonstick, which makes cleanup a breeze. In addition, the style and design of their products are stunning. The 10″ hybrid pan is still on my stove. “

A Set of 3 Last Confection Silicone Baking Mats

“Silicone baking sheets are a great cooking and cleaning tip!” Chef Pyet stated.Although they are mostly used for baking pastry and cookies, I bought an extra set to bake vegetables or meat with. They are simple to clean and reuse, saving you time from scrubbing your baking sheets. Furthermore, it saves money on foil and contributes to the reduction of waste on the planet. “

IMUSA USA Spice GrinderGranite Molcajete

A molcajete is a must if you’re passionate about cooking authentic Mexican food! Chef Pyet objected. “When I use it, I just feel more connected to my Latina roots!” It’s ideal for grinding spices and making traditional chile salsas. It’s made of volcanic rock. The molcajete’s grinding action releases the essential oils of the ingredients you’re processing, which adds a depth of flavor to your food. “

Stainless Steel Mixing and Storage Bowls, Vacuum Seal

“The all-around perfect set of mixing bowls with lids that also vacuum seal AND have a date dial to tell you how old your leftovers are,” Chef Pyet explained. “What could you want more from a set of mixing bowls?” I use these to marinate meat overnight, store salads to keep them fresh, and keep greens from wilting. “

Organic Maple Sugar from Coombs Family Farms

“I recently decided to ‘Indigify’ some of my cooking ingredients,” said Chef Pyet. “I switched my sweeteners and sugar to all natural sweeteners like maple syrup and maple sugar because maple syrup is indigenous to the Americas.” To be honest, it tastes even better than bleached white sugar. “

Duo Plus Instant Pot

Chef Pyet admitted, “I’m a sucker for braised meats.” Using an instant pot is the quickest way to get a tender braised short rib without slaving away for hours in a hot kitchen. You will not be able to stop using your instant pot once you start! I mostly use this when I’m cooking for myself. I’m not afraid to scrimp on a recipe in order to achieve a great result. “

Food Wraps Made of Organic Beeswax

“This is a product I wish I had discovered sooner,” Chef Pyet said. “In my kitchen, these beeswax food wraps have replaced plastic wrap.” They are fully recyclable, compostable, and reusable. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of bowls and dishes. You can directly apply them to food to keep it fresher for longer. “

Hand Blender, Mixer, MPM

“My dad gave me this immersion blender a few years ago, and it’s a tough little blender,” Chef Pyet said. I’ve used it to make purees and sauces, and it’s ideal for traveling chefs. When I traveled frequently with clients, I kept this in my suitcase. I had no idea what kind of equipment vacation rentals had. “