Wendy Williams’ fans are ecstatic about the multiple offers she has received

Wendy Williams Has Fans Excited With Multiple Offers She Received

Wendy Williams has gotten a slew of new offers, which she is excited to share with her audience. Take a look at The Shade Room’s piece, which is embedded below.

According to TSR, “Since it was officially revealed that The Wendy Williams Show would be ending after 13 seasons, folks have been wondering what’s next for the veteran.”

# WendyWilliams has an “open invitation” to join # TheView as a guest host, according to @RadarOnline, ‘TSR continued.”There’s talk within ABC that Wendy might join The View,” a source said.

However, The Shade Room has learned that this is not the case.

When asked if Wendy would be joining ‘The View,’ a source informed TSR, “No, that is not true.” However, you never know what the future holds, as Wendy has gotten many offers, “the person continued.”

She’s not going to want to share the stage with anyone, “someone predicted.”

One reader wrote: “I ain’t no doctor, but I think she needs to continue to relax.” It’s fine to take a break, for example. ‘

Another fan observed that ‘The View’ is in a different lane than the one she’s used to. I’m not interested in hearing her take on the situation in Ukraine. Let her stick to the gossip. ‘

Wendy is afraid about her Wells Fargo check, “added another follower.

Wendy Williams’ ex-husband is speaking out about their divorce. Take a look at what Kevin Hunter has to say about it.

On Tuesday, Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, decided to go live and discuss his divorce from the talk show veteran, alleged blood transfusions, and a lawsuit against Debmar-Mercury, according to The Shade Room.

According to TSR, Hunter took the time to honor Wendy Williams and her accomplishments while sitting outside of an unnamed establishment.