With the lie detector challenge, Kevin Jonas raises the stakes

According to Kevin Jonas, the “most effective weapon” a player can have on a claim to fame is an “excellent poker face.”

The participants’ upcoming challenge on August 15 will demonstrate both how “honest” some of the players are and how skilled some players are at “lying through their teeth.”

Claim To Fame

Kevin Jonas stands next to ‘Amara’ during the challenge. (ABC)

Frankie Jonas corrects Kevin that the phrase “hot on their tail” should actually read “hot on their trail” before the two of them go to explain everything to the players. Just because you attended college doesn’t mean anything, Frankie, Kevin quips. “Just because you didn’t go to college doesn’t mean you’re more exceptional than me,” his younger brother responds.

The task for tonight has a casino theme. The players are completely unprepared for this upcoming test. Poker player Logan refers to it as “the devil’s game,” suggesting he has some background in the game.

This is a “unique individual challenge,” according to Kevin. The contestants will be seated in the hot seat, which is typically where the dealer sits, one at a time. The others will be the players seated around the table. The six players will have five minutes to discuss questions for the person on the hot seat in a group setting.


‘Logan’s poker face is tested. (ABC)

But things take a turn. What questions are asked in that round is totally up to the question master. The person who is in the hot seat is free to choose how to respond to the query. The subject, however, will be connected to a lie detector. They will probably be exposed if they don’t have a strong poker face.

Louise, a.k.a. Adria Biles, immediately acknowledges that she is a “poor liar.” “My poker face is not very good. Although I have RBF, it won’t help me, she claims. On Mondays at 10 p.m., ABC broadcasts Claim To Fame. Read More