Wynonna Judd and Ashley Judd have been left out of Naomi Judd’s will

Losing a family member can be incredibly painful. The tragedy of losing a loved one continues in the hearts of those who were left behind. It’s far tougher to lose your mother.

People have begun to place a great deal of significance on the topic of mental health because it has been repeatedly shown that struggles with mental illness can occasionally result in irreparable harm. This is the Judds’ situation.

It was just disclosed that Naomi Judd committed suicide. Naomi was a well-known vocalist who sang in a group called “The Judds” with her daughter Wynonna. The team achieved victory and went on to garner numerous accolades.

But Naomi’s will has revealed fresh information to onlookers. Wynonna Judd and Ashley Judd, her daughters, are supposedly not mentioned in her will. Her girls are both in disbelief about this.

Naomi has granted her husband, Larry Strickland, exclusive control over her estate. She also stipulated in her will that her spouse should get payment for her deeds. According to reports, Naomi authorized the will itself in 2017. Witnesses concurred that she was aware of her surroundings and knew what she was referring to in her will.

Her girls were left out, which did not sit well with them. Wynonna is furious with her mother for making this choice. She also asserted that she was the reason her mother had become so well-known.

Nevertheless, Wynonna has been lamenting the loss of her mother as well. She wrote in a tearful social media post that she couldn’t have imagined her mother being taken from her in this way.

She added that she, too, found it difficult to accept how the two’s story in “The Judds” was concluding.

She also claimed that she had decided to get assistance for her psychiatric problems. She has decided to break what she refers to as “the cycle of addiction and family dysfunction” in order to be a better grandmother to her grandchildren.