Kendall Jenner claims that her mother irritates her by dropping clues…

Kendall Jenner claims that her mother irritates her by dropping clues about her grandchildren

Kris Jenner is disappointed because one of their children is still not a mother.

26-year-old Kendall Jenner is the only daughter of the Kardashian-Jenner family who does not yet have a kid. As a result, the model tries not to promote the facts of her personal life and even less so, speak publicly about children.

Kendall was interviewed by E! News, in which she spoke about the pressure from the family. According to the model, her mother frequently suggests that Kendall and her boyfriend, basketball player Devin Booker, decide it’s time to get married and have children.

The catwalk star remarked that Kris Jenner’s hints are getting more forceful. She feels uncomfortable about it. “Kris sends me messages like:” I think the time has arrived, “and I make excuses that it depends not only on me,” Kendall revealed, adding that her younger sister and mother of two, Kylie Jenner, also loves to be reminded that “the clock is ticking.”

In an interview, Kendall did not share her aspirations for parenting. Meanwhile, people assume that the model and Devin are secretly engaged. Perhaps the couple genuinely wants to hide the engagement and not flaunt every step of their personal lives, like the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan do.

Recall that the reports regarding the affair between Kendall and Devin arose in 2020. After that, Kendall Jenner often came to Booker matches.

Reporters on the street began to notice them, and later, the supermodel occasionally shared joint images on social networks. Finally, last summer, the couple openly announced their romance.