David Lynch will not have a film premiere at Cannes

Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster for moviegoers all over the world. First, Variety reported that filmmaker David Lynch was filming a secret film to debut at the Cannes Film Festival earlier in the day, citing two credible sources.

Then, hours later, Lynch himself, via Entertainment Weekly, disputed the information, shattering all of our hopes that the information had sparked. Is this part of a plan to make his participation in the French film competition a surprise, or does the Twin Peaks filmmaker have nothing on his hands?

The problem is that the Montana filmmaker’s denial of the information could be part of a script for one of his films. The director of “A True Story” went on a longer trip than the protagonist of that road movie to emphasize that he was not planning to release any film: That is unquestionably a rumor. So you’re already aware.

It will not take place. I’m not working on anything right now. In Cannes, I have nothing. It’s a pity. People have thought, “Oh, that would be great,” when one has been packaged. There is, however, something new, although it isn’t mine. I’m not sure who it belongs to. “

The admirers of the dreamy filmmaker’s hopes are fueled by the mystery surrounding that premiere, which he himself denies knowing about, but if you’re going to deny your participation, why create a frenzy over an unknown picture premiering in Cannes?

“They say there’s something fresh at Cannes but don’t specify who it is, so some people mistakenly believe it’s my film. So now it’s just a matter of waiting to discover who it is. “EW spoke with Lynch about it.

He is sculpting, painting, and directing the remastering of Lost Highway, according to himself. If the filmmaker truly premiered their work at the festival, we would have a historic encounter in the heart of French cinema with George Mille and David Cronenberg, both of whom have an official premiere at Cannes confirmed.

What if it was a series rather than a film? Lynch hasn’t directed a full picture since 2006’s Inland Empire, which he co-wrote with his fetish actor, Laura Dern.