Anyone who has seen the Chase Center roar when the Warriors win the NBA…

Anyone who has seen the Chase Center roar when the Warriors win the NBA Finals will get goosebumps

The Warriors are NBA champions once again, but despite the fact that they did not win at home, the Chase Center was crowded and reacted ecstatically.

It’s always exciting when a sports team wins a championship at home in front of their home crowd, but that’s not always the case. The Golden State Warriors were able to bring the dynasty back to life on the road in Boston on Thursday night, defeating the Celtics in Game 6 to earn their second NBA Championship.

While the game was being played in Boston, Warriors supporters in the Bay Area flocked to the Chase Center to watch the big game on the jumbotron.

So when Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors won their fourth championship in the last eight years, the ecstatic crowd went home. Their reaction was so forceful that it’s difficult not to feel anything or get goosebumps if you’re a sports enthusiast.

Warriors: The Warriors win the NBA Championship, and the Chase Center erupts

Despite the franchise’s and fans’ overall success over the last decade, the last two years have been particularly difficult.

After Kevin Durant left the team and Klay Thompson got hurt and couldn’t play, rumors started to fly about whether Curry could be a good leader, whether this team could get back to the top, and so on.

There are no more questions now that they’ve completed the task. Inside the Chase Center, you can sense the relief and triumph of the supporters, making the occasion even more special.