Celtics vs. WarriorsThe NBA Finals showdown is a nightmare to travel to

With over 2,500 miles between them, the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors will be put to the test during the NBA Finals.

The NBA Finals don’t get much more east-west than a clash between the Celtics and the Warriors.

The NBA’s most eastern city, Boston, is actually the most eastern city in the league. By a razor-thin margin, San Francisco is the league’s second-most western squad.

Because of this, the Celtics and the Warriors will have to travel a lot during their seven-game NBA championship series.

Celtics vs. WarriorsThe NBA Finals showdown is a nightmare to travel to

According to one Reddit user, Boston might travel up to 13,455 miles during the match. Before it’s all through, Golden State will have traveled 10,764 miles.

During this game, the players, staff, and some fans will earn frequent flier points.

This isn’t, however, the worst travel matchup in the Finals.

In fact, each team’s one-way travel time is now shorter than it was in 1964, when they met in the NBA Finals. The San Francisco Warriors used to play at the Cow Palace in Daly City, which is further away from Boston than the Chase Center, where they now play.

So, what is the furthest NBA Finals matchup possible? They’d win it if the Miami Heat and Portland Trail Blazers came from the east and west, respectively. The Celtics and Warriors are 2,694 miles apart as the crow flies. It’s 2,707 miles for the Heat and Blazers.

The Celtics and Warriors will face off in Game 1 on Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. ET.