The world’s greatest hater, Skip Bayless, refuses to give Steph Curry credit…

The world’s greatest hater, Skip Bayless, refuses to give Steph Curry credit for the title

Steph Curry earned his fourth championship, but Skip Bayless, his worst critic, still refuses to give him any credit.

Even though most people know that Steph Curry is a superstar in the NBA and has four rings, his biggest critic, Skip Bayless, refuses to admit it.

Bayless made sure to tweet about how much he didn’t like Curry during and after Golden State’s win in Game 6.

He branded the Celtics liars, alleging that Curry only made shots because other players were injured and even suggesting that Boston gifted the NBA Championship to Golden State.

Bayless once again demonstrates how out of touch he can be when it comes to sports commentary. While he has been in the game for a while, these comments do not reflect well on him, and they make him appear desperate for attention, at least from my perspective.

There are times to sit on the terrible-take hill, and heads like Bayless must give credit where credit is due while speaking.

What Curry and Golden State accomplished this season and in the NBA Finals wasn’t a fluke. They put in a lot of effort to get the job done and won the game because the Warriors were superior to the Celtics.

Warriors: Even after winning the championship, Skip Bayless continues to criticize Steph Curry

When Bayless makes these inane remarks, it appears like he is doing so to bolster his ego. Is he becoming stronger as a result of the hate comments?

I’m confident of this at this time since no one with rational thinking skills would believe what Bayless claims.

You don’t need to be a Golden State fan to figure out who won the NBA Finals. Not to mention what Curry has accomplished in his career. Winning four NBA championships is a remarkable achievement. Then he insults Curry even more by attempting to devalue Curry’s first MVP award? How desperate is this man to call Curry a liar?

Curry, on the other hand, shouldn’t mind because he already has four rings and an MVP trophy to go with them. He earned it and is building a legacy that will be remembered for years to come.

Great teams are frequently made up of people who can come together and make things happen in the face of hardship. Basketball is a team sport in which five players compete on the court at the same time.

At the same time, 34 points in Game 6 is awe-inspiring, which is why Curry deserved to be named MVP. Is Bayless aware that there are other ways to earn points than shooting threes? Curry hit 6-of-11 shots from beyond the arc, for a 55% success rate.

The rest of his squad didn’t shoot well from three-point range, but leave it to Bayless to try to minimize Curry’s accomplishments in the NBA Finals.

It’s understandable that he does this because it appears to make Bayless feel better about his poor hot-takes. Whatever it takes to get him to sleep at night.

Curry and the Warriors have won his fourth NBA title, but he appears to be less convincing than ever. While it’s understandable to dislike a player, this stupidity has gone too far. Skip Bayless has to select a lane because these statements are disgusting and out of touch at this point.