Chanel West Coast of MTV and her boyfriend, Dom Fenison of MTV, reveal…

Chanel West Coast of MTV and her boyfriend, Dom Fenison of MTV, reveal the gender of their baby

After pink powder and confetti filled their outdoor party on June 18, the Ridiculousness star and her fiance, Dom Fenison, learned the gender of their baby.

“We’re having a baby girl!” exclaims the couple. Chanel took to Instagram to express herself. “@domfenison, I adore you. Thank you for entering my life and loving me in such a special way. I’m confident you’ll be the best father on the planet! # HappyFathersDay. “

Dom continued, “It’s a female!” Yesterday was the most amazing day with @chanelwestcoast and our entire family and friends. It was a truly memorable occasion, and I could sense the great vibes and affection. I hope you all had a fantastic time. “

Chanel confirmed her pregnancy to E! News exclusively before revealing her baby bump on the red carpet of the MTV Movie & TV Awards. She had no idea whether she was expecting a boy or a girl at the moment. She only desired “a happy, healthy baby.”

She told E! News on June 2 that she is “just incredibly happy for this next adventure in my life.” “It’s certainly my scariest voyage yet, but the scarier paths sometimes lead to the best conclusions.”

Despite the fact that Chanel and Dom were both surprised by the news, the couple has expressed their excitement about growing their family on social media. And if you ask Chanel, she believes her model boyfriend would make an excellent father.

“Dom is without a doubt the most level-headed person I’ve ever met,” she said. Raising children is a difficult task, so you must be like that to be a good father. I can be a little more crazy than he is since he is so calm and relaxed. I believe he is the ideal balance for me.

Dom doesn’t want to be outdone, so she can’t stop gushing about a woman whose music and appearance on MTV’s Ridiculousness have given her a huge fan base.

He earlier told E! News, “She’s a very genuine person.” “I believe that the way television portrays her at times falls far short of the depth of the person she is.”

So, where do these parents go from here? If you ask her, Chanel is already planning the perfect baby shower for her upcoming kid.

She stated on Instagram Stories, “Thank you to everyone who attended our gender reveal celebration.” “It was incredible to have so many of our friends and family members there to support us.” We adore each and every one of you. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again for the baby shower! “