David Gandy is terrified of growing old

David Gandy Is Scared Of Ageing

David Gandy isn’t “especially pleased” with his appearance and is concerned about the impact of aging.

The 42-year-old model, who has been voted Britain’s most gorgeous man and is one of the highest-paid men in the fashion industry, is anxious that the attributes that have made him a billboard star may disappear, especially his nose and ears, which never stop growing.

“I’m not really thrilled with the way I’m looking at the moment,” he confessed in the Daily Mail’s Eden Confidential column. I’m not at my “fighting weight,” as I like to refer to it.

“The two things that concern me are that your ears and nose appear to continue to develop.” If that’s the case, I’m in a lot of trouble. “

Gandy and his barrister girlfriend, Stephanie Mendoros, have two kids, Matilda, three, and Tabitha, four months, and he has suggested that more babies may be on the way, as he has always wanted a large family.

“My sister has five children,” he explained. So there are five nephews and nieces in my family. When I visit them, we have a lot of fun bouncing around on the trampoline.

Dora, as well. They’re all eager to participate in the game. I’ve watched them grow up. It’s a wonderful family.

“I’m not going to attempt to break that record.” Stephanie is allowed to have five. I’ll have five automobiles. “