Deshaun Watson’s appeal is the subject of RG3’s rebuke of the NFL…

Deshaun Watson’s appeal is the subject of RG3’s rebuke of the NFL: “About safeguarding The Brand.”

It’s commendable that Robert Griffin III spoke out about the Deshaun Watson situation, women in the NFL, and other topics.

When it comes to protecting women, the NFL hasn’t always done the best job. We are all aware that there have been several instances of rape, assault, and domestic abuse.

This sports fan liked what Robert Griffin III had to say about the NFL appealing Deshaun Watson’s six-game ban.

Thankfully, he wasn’t the only media pundit who spoke out when he felt like it. What Griffin stated makes even more sense in light of so many people stepping up.

The NFL is aware of how terrible this Watson situation appears, and if they agree to six games, a lot of criticism will be directed at them.

Ben Roethlisberger, who received six games after sexual assault allegations were made, is not the subject of this case. Given how the NFL handled that and the several other domestic abuse instances, they had to get this one right.

Griffin had to make the statement he did because players have been indefinitely suspended for gambling, too many games to count for marijuana use, and, quite frankly, there are far too many other absurd reasons why players have missed games.

Deshaun Watson and the NFL ought to be destroyed by Robert Griffin III

Griffin is correct to say that the NFL is defending its reputation. It’s mind-boggling to think about how many people have spoken out about Watson and the 30 women he’s said to have asked to perform tasks.

The sheer number of women involved in this case makes it unique. There is no way of knowing what would occur if the NFL did nothing about this. The NFL values its female employees; therefore, it’s an issue if women don’t feel at ease at work.

The truth in Griffin’s remarks speaks to me. The NFL has made numerous mistakes over the years. The NFL had to appeal because it was so horrible. The NFL may legitimately wish to act morally in this situation, but history suggests otherwise. Protecting the brand is the appropriate thing to do.

Many men and women would defend someone like Watson because, regrettably, often women aren’t believed when such charges come to light. There are, of course, two sides to every story, but that particular number 30 is still ingrained in my mind.

Given the history of the NFL’s treatment of women, Griffin is correct to be wary of the league and cynical about their motivations. This is a severe matter, and guys like Robert Kraft and others who have engaged in unethical behavior of a similar nature ought to have received punishment as well.

However, they didn’t. The time has come to put things right.

Do they really want to defend women, or are they just trying to save face? Ensuring the appropriate penalty is meted out is what matters now rather than choosing a side. Griffin, the NFL, and the majority of fans all understand that six games is not enough.

Griffin’s remarks as a woman in the sports world are valued because they make us wonder about the NFL’s intentions. If not, more players will get away with the vile acts that have been committed. The NFL needs to address the problem and take a position.