Discussing Her 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Tears After Her Emmy Win, Amanda Seyfried

Seyfried stated in a Monday press conference that her 5-year-old daughter Nina had sobbed when she learned that her mother had won an Emmy for her performance in The Dropout.

She claimed that her child had been sobbing because she had been unable to understand why her mother had called her from the television. She needed to go to sleep now. She leaves for class in the morning. To be completely honest, I was surprised by that response.

When I go home, I need to talk to Nina, she added. Seyfried, 36, said it felt fantastic as she accepted her first Emmy on Monday night from presenters Chris O’Donnell and Shemar Moore.

Seyfried stood up to thank the Television Academy, Liz Meriweather, the show’s creator, and executive producer Michael Showalter for including her in this outstanding cast of actors.

Despite its challenges, Seyfried called the event “the happiest time of my life.” Please convey my gratitude to Abby Bluestone, Scott, Morrie, and Gary, who have served as my representatives for the past 16 years.

She continued by expressing her gratitude to her family for their support. Hello, buddy. I wanted to thank you before you left to go to bed. She continued to express her gratitude to her parents, her husband, her children, and Finn, their dog. I’m very grateful.

In The Dropout, Seyfried portraying Elizabeth Holmes. The charismatic Holmes garnered millions of dollars in venture funding on the promise of a revolutionary medical technology that didn’t actually exist, which led to her imprisonment. Playing Elizabeth Holmes was Seyfried.

NBC broadcast the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, where they were held.