For The First Time Since Her Release From Jail, Blueface & Chrisean…

Blueface & Chrisean Rock Spotted Out Together For The First Time Since Her Release From Jail

For The First Time Since Her Release From Jail, Blueface & Chrisean Rock Were Seen Together

Many people have been attempting to comprehend the relationship between Blueface and Chrisean Rock, and it appears that many are still trying to understand it following a recent appearance by the two.

Chrisean was released from jail last month after being suspected of sneaking into Blueface’s home and stealing his vehicle, as previously reported.

He posted on social media that she broke into his house, drew blood on his wall, and drove his car outside of California, resulting in her arrest for possession of a prohibited narcotic.

“We’re grownups,” he stated in a video posted to social media. We’re not children… You’re all reacting like kids. She’s almost 22 years old.”

In a recent interview on the Talking Ish With Bone Show, Chrisean confessed to everything she was accused of.

She admitted to going into Blue’s house, writing in blood on the wall, and stealing his car, but she also revealed the reason behind tattooing his name many times.

“He’s a true n***a, yo.” He acted as if he hadn’t expected anything from me. “He was basically like, ‘Oh I see you,'” she explained. Chrisean also revealed that every time she received a tattoo of his name, she understood how much she loved him more more than before.

Despite everything that has happened, the two were seen standing outside of a Tao restaurant on Sunday evening, so it appears that everything has been forgiven.

Chrisean sought to hide behind Blueface after being discovered by paparazzi while flaunting the roses in her palm.

Jaidyn Alexis held the gender reveal for her and Blueface’s second child on the same night they were sighted together. Blue was not present as she and her son released the confetti, which indicated that they are expecting a baby girl.

Jaidyn did, however, post a message on Instagram that stated, “Not ya bm jus the kids motha.”

While many people struggle to figure out how it all works, we want to congratulate Blue and Jaidyn on their new baby girl.