Following Chrisean Rock’s release from prison, Jonathan Wright lends a hand

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Chrisean Rock is no longer a slave! According to the Craig County Sheriff’s Department, the artist was arrested on Valentine’s Day in Oklahoma and posted bail recently. However, it appears that she enlisted the help of celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Wright.

Chrisean uploaded a video from behind bars earlier this week, prompting the Dallas native to enter The Shade Room and express his desire to assist Chrisean. “Find me her information and what jail she’s in?” Jonathan asked.

“There’s nothing wrong with her,” he continued. It’s not right that her Frenns sat her in there. Idc Idc, if people want her to be better, they’ll help her, but instead, they’re tearing her apart while she’s dealing with all kinds of nonsense with no one on her side. I’ll bond her out because I despise being in jail, and it ain’t what it is.”

So far, it appears that he has maintained his word! Jonathan has been posting footage of himself driving to Oklahoma on his Instagram profile over the last three days. “Hopefully our lady comes home today, ya’ll,” he said outside of what looked to be the sheriff’s office in one of the recordings.

We’ll have to wait; it’s still in the works.” He posted another video to his Instagram account this evening, this time featuring his pet monkey fighting a dog. Chrisean’s voice can be heard in the background of the video if you listen intently.

Several of the Roommates complimented Jonathan for his assistance to Chrisean. “That’s really sweet of him to stay to his words,” one person wrote. “Yesss she’s too gorgeous for the troubles she’s going through,” remarked another.

Now you know why the Roommates had to pull Blueface into it by claiming Chrisean was attempting to return to him. Chrisean hasn’t responded to the news, and Blueface hasn’t posted anything to her Instagram.