Former Georgia defender now with Florida issues a warning to the Dawgs…

Former Georgia defender now with Florida issues a warning to the Dawgs, then deletes it

Brenton Cox Jr., a former Georgia defender who is currently with Florida, tweeted a warning to his old squad but quickly decided to erase it.

Don’t hit send, Herm Edwards once admonished. Clearly, Florida’s Brenton Cox Jr., a former Georgia resident, should have received that message.

Cox, a former highly regarded Georgia recruit who is now a member of the Gators, issued a warning to his previous team, telling them to be aware of his presence and prepared.

But Cox later destroyed it. However, the tweet was visible to everyone, and it was picked up by someone.

The funny thing is that despite Cox having a successful season for the Gators last year, which included 8.5 sacks, there was a picture of Stetson Bennett IV, a less-talked-about athlete than Cox, doing a Vince Young and sprinting away for a first down.

Football in Georgia: Florida renegade Brenton Cox Jr. issues a warning before deleting it

Despite the fact that Brenton Cox has experience on both sides of the Georgia-Florida rivalry, it is not advisable to disparage your previous team, especially when they are the current national champions in their sport.

Furthermore, the Gators have a lot of catching up to do given the Bulldogs’ recent recruiting success and their success in this rivalry for four of the previous five years, particularly Florida’s 34-7 thrashing last season.

The Bulldogs and Gators each have a number of returning players from the previous campaign, so the Athens men do have the advantage.

Don’t press the “send” button if you don’t want to retract your statement. However, Brenton Cox tweeted his ideas.

Although he may have deleted it, it was discovered and will continue to exist. It is now up to him and his peers to provide evidence to support their claims; else, Jacksonville’s Dawgs will wind up laughing at them.