Harry Styles’ response to a prom invitation from a fan is so sweet that you’…

Harry Styles’ response to a prom invitation from a fan is so sweet that you’ll fall in love with him

Anna Carty was about to pass out after Harry said yes to her invitation to the dance. She was a huge fan of the band “As It Was.”

Anna had asked her local radio station in Scotland, Capital FM DJ Katy J said in a video obtained by The Scottish Sun, for help with her invitation to Harry. Her request was then passed on to the One Direction alum himself.

Harry taped a message with his RSVP after learning that Anna needed a date. Harry’s gig in Glasgow on June 11 is coincidentally two days after Anna’s prom.

“How’s it going, Anna? It’s Harry Styles on the other end of the line. Hello there! “On June 2, he began the recording, which was played to Anna on the radio. “Look, Katy J forwarded your prom invitation, and I’m sure it’ll be a fun Scottish celebration,” Harry added. “I’d love to attend; please email me the details and I’ll see what I can do.”

“I’ll see you soon!” he added.

Anna’s face brightened up when she heard the news. After Katy J played her Harry’s recording, she exclaimed, “Oh my goodness.” “I’m unable to think!”

Anna claims to have already chosen a “beautiful” black and white gown for the occasion. She now appears to have a plus-one as well!

Spotify/Kevin Mazur

“Now that you’ve heard it straight from the horse’s mouth, I have a feeling he’ll show up at prom!” Katy informed the adolescent. “It’s true.” He’s going to give it his all. “

On June 11, Harry will begin the European leg of his Love on Tour concert series. He’ll perform in towns across the United Kingdom before returning to North America in August for a second tour.

Fortunately, Harry appears to be able to take a break from the stage for a night on the dance floor.