Casie and the Machine Gun Perform an Epic Duet of “Crazy in Love”

The 32-year-old Good Mourning actor demonstrated his daughter’s rapping abilities to show that musical talent runs in the family.

In the loveliest moment, Colson Baker, also known as Machine Gun Kelly, played the legendary song “Crazy in Love” in a duet with his daughter Casie Colson Baker, 13.

In the rocker’s brief video clip, which was published on July 7, Casie rapped a section of Jay-verse Z’s from the 2003 song as her father encouraged her and joined in on the performance.

The father-daughter team displayed their talents to the women around them while standing on a terrace outside. Two of the women in the video further energized Casie by singing and dancing to the popular song.

Machine Gun “parenting” Kelly wrote the post’s caption.

The musician behind “Bloody Valentine” received a ton of supportive responses, with one commenting, “The coolest dad and kid ever.”

The “Emo Girl” singer’s colleagues in the music business also responded with sincere sentiments.

“It’s amazing!”

Monica replied. Bun B, a rapper, continued, “Legends make legends.”

This is not the first time MGK has shared behind-the-scenes photos of himself and his daughter Casie, who he shares with his ex, Emma Cannon.

The rock star released the documentary Life in Pink Hulu last month. In it, he gave fans a unique look into his private life, including his unique relationship with Casie.

While MGK has been open and honest about his drug issues, viewers saw how they have impacted his relationships with Casie and Megan Fox, his fiance.

Even though her dad stopped using narcotics, Casie noted in the video, “he gets addicted to doing other things to fulfill that feeling.”

She revealed, “He’s hooked on rolling tobacco and working.” He never stops working. Read More