Hazel Green, the wife of NBA star Draymond Green, responds to Celtics…

Hazel Green, the wife of NBA star Draymond Green, responds to Celtics fans’ “F—k you” chants

After the Golden State Warriors lost Game 3 of the NBA Finals to the Boston Celtics, the former “Basketball Wives” star called out the Boston fans for chanting bad things about her husband, Draymond Green, while their kids were there.

“It was a tough loss tonight, but fans should in no way, shape, or form be allowed to yell obscenities at players!” she posted on her Instagram Stories on June 8. The @nba has the audacity to have an entire code of conduct card at every seat detailing fans’ behavior and how they can be removed from a game or banned, but a whole crowd/section/number of people can scream F**K YOU DRAYMOND or call him a B**** or MF? And there’s nothing?

Hazel stated that her and Draymond’s children attended the game tonight. “Very disgusting of you tiny @celtics fans,” he added after hearing the trash. It’s a disgrace! “

During the pregame introductions, Draymond received boos from the crowd. Several cries directed at the NBA champion were heard during the game, including “F—k you, Draymond.”

Golden State coach Steve Kerr expressed his disgust at the vulgar chanting after the Warriors’ 100-116 loss to the Celtics.

He sarcastically said, “Classy.” “It’s very elegant.”

Even when things go tough on the court for Draymond, his family is the most important thing to him. In April, the three-time NBA champion spoke to E! News about how he, Hazel, and their children manage their crazy schedules.

“We’re playing these games together,” he explained, “we’re putting together these jigsaw puzzles together, we’re doing everything together.” “It is quite beneficial from a family perspective as well as the difficulties that some of us face when we move away.”