In a funny video with her fans, Lizzo wore a Balenciaga-branded outfit that she…

In a funny video with her fans, Lizzo wore a Balenciaga-branded outfit that she had worn for a recent gloss photo shoot

The performer repeated the set of moves that soon gained popularity on TikTok as she proceeded to dance to one of her songs while donning the motion-impairing outfit.

The video also clearly shows Lizzo’s thighs being wrapped in the adhesive tape without any other layers of clothing, which frightened the American performer’s fans right away.

At the most recent Paris catwalk presentation of the apparel brand for the fall/winter 2022–23 season, Kim Kardashian wore a form-fitting scotch ensemble.

Lizzo, who is known for her provocative apparel, has just released her fourth studio album, Special, and is actively promoting it. As a result, we can be sure that we will see the singer in beautiful pictures quite a few times.

The singer previously shared adorable photos of herself on social media, enjoying the sun and swimming in the pool while wearing a blue and white tie-dye swimsuit and top.

The 34-year-old Truth Hurts singer urged her more than 12.5 million followers to “take care of yourself now.”

The young lady, who is well-known for promoting confidence, tweeted two sultry pictures of herself looking at herself in the mirror while donning a crop top, black leggings, and cosmetics and accessorizing with wavy hair.

Lizzo also displayed the perfect summer manicure, which included cherries, emojis, yellow flames, and the name of her business, Yitty.

Two weeks before the release of this article, Chris Evans turned down her request to play piano on the upcoming album Special. The musician and the actor conversed on the Spout podcast series.

The teenager, who is known for promoting self-confidence, can be seen wearing a crop top, black leggings, and makeup in two provocative selfies taken in front of the mirror.

She has dark eyes, and her hair is curly. Lizzo also flaunted the ultimate summer manicure in addition to cherries, emojis, yellow flames, and her brand name Yitty.