In an Instagram post, Deelishis appears to call Raymond Santana a narcissist…

Deelishis Seemingly Calls Raymond Santana A Narcissist, Liar And Cheat In Instagram Post

In an Instagram post, Deelishis appears to call Raymond Santana a narcissist, liar, and cheat.

Deelishis appeared to give an up-close look at the status of her marriage to Raymond Santana. And it came in just one sentence, accompanied by a photo of her smiling on Instagram.

“I married a narcissist who is a complete liar and cheats, and I’m finally ready to tell it like it is…

Keep an eye out for updates. “#GlovesOff,” Deelishis captioned the photo.

Their Beginnings

Raymond ignited dating rumors after posting a snapshot of him and Deelishis on a date night in October 2019, as previously reported. They got engaged at the end of the year. Through their social media posts, fans of the pair were able to see them live out their romance.

Raymond posted a video and a caption to Deelishis on his Instagram account in February 2020. He claimed Deelishis was unwell at the time.

Raymond commented, “So today my Lady @iamsodeelishis is feeling a little under the weather, she’s in bed resting up.” “I kissed her before I left the home this morning, therefore I wanted to publish this video so she can see and remember our moments when she sees it..” Get better soon, baby, I’ll be back… love you. #bedrest #kisses #blacklove”

A Relationship

They married in a spectacular wedding a few months later, in June. The honeymoon period seemed to be still going strong in August. The married pair sang to ‘Dangerously In Love’ in one viral video.

Deelishis, who rose to fame as a result of her singing on the show ‘Flavor of Love,’ provided advice to her husband along the road. “When you’re dreading telling your BFF that they aren’t good at something… then out of nowhere this happens,” she posted on Instagram.

Both of their Instagram accounts looked to be devoid of footage of each other on Tuesday.

A Revised Caption

Deelishis changed the caption after it was posted. The post, which has a locked comment section, has over 31,000 likes at the time of publication.

She commented, “Today I look to be alone, yet I’m not ALONE!! #InGodsTiming #JustLONDON.”