In collaboration with Scholastic Books, ‘Abbott Elementary’ will host free book…

‘abbott Elementary’ Set To Launch Free Book Fairs For Low-income Schools In Partnership With Scholastic Books

In collaboration with Scholastic Books, ‘Abbott Elementary’ will host free book fairs for low-income schools.

‘Abbott Elementary’ is the smash hit show that has everyone talking, and now a slew of youngsters will profit from its success.

By initiating a series of free book fairs this month, ‘Abbott Elementary’ is not only giving back but also encouraging lower-income pupils to read.

According to @Variety, ABC network’s hit series ‘Abbott Elementary’ has collaborated with Scholastic Books to be the first entertainment brand to give under-funded schools free book fairs across the country.

Each book fair will take place at seven select Title 1 schools from March 14th to March 18th, with each student receiving two books of their choice and each teacher receiving ten books.

The first school on the list is Harrity Elementary in Philadelphia, which is where ‘Abbott Elementary’ creator Quinta Brunson went to school.

Diehl Elementary in Erie, Pennsylvania, Bond Elementary in Chicago, Dayton’s Bluff Elementary in Minneapolis, Freeman Elementary in Flint, Michigan, and Cortada Elementary and Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary in Los Angeles are among the other schools on the list.

In addition to the free book fairs, ABC announced the return of its Traveling Teacher’s Lounge initiative, which distributes Scholastic Books, class materials, breakfast, and ‘Abbott Elementary’ memorabilia to teachers across the United States.

The initiative started in January with visits to schools in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland, where 1,000 books, 10,000 notebooks, 100,000 writing utensils, and 15,000 art and craft materials were donated.

Houston will be the next city to relaunch on March 11th, followed by Santa Fe on March 15th, Phoenix on March 16th, Reno on March 18th, and Los Angeles on March 22nd.

Erin Weir, ABC & General Executive Vice President of Marketing, had this to say about the inspiring project:

“‘Abbott Elementary’ illuminates and portrays the experiences and challenges that educators in our country endure.” In our series of marketing efforts, we had a unique chance and obligation to amplify that objective.

Giving back to this deserving community has been a cornerstone of our campaign since the beginning, and thanks to a number of incredible partnerships, including our collaboration with Scholastic, we’ve had the great fortune of honoring teachers through supply donations, grassroots activations, and more, all while spreading the word about our hilarious new comedy.”

Meanwhile, ‘Abbott Elementary fans are still waiting for the show to return after a brief absence. The series’ ratings have quadrupled since its premiere late last year, so the wait is just going to boost them even more.