Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Grostein Andrade releases his first documentary…

Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Grostein Andrade releases his first documentary, “Breaking Myths,” in which he criticizes President Bolsonaro’s policies

In his native Brazil, social justice and LBGTQ campaigner Fernando Grostein Andrade produced the documentary Breaking Myths, which criticizes Jair Bolsonaro’s administration’s policies.

On September 16, the movie will be made available online, and Andrade intends for it to have an impact on the country’s approaching elections, which will take place on October 2.

Andrade, who resides in California, claims he is unable to return to Brazil because of death threats and online abuse for criticizing the president and his policies regarding LGBTQ rights, the Amazonian rainforest, and other topics.

Andrade is optimistic that his movie would prevent Bolsonaro, whom he refers to as “the Trump of Brazil,” from winning re-election.

Andrade previously gained widespread recognition with his documentary Breaking the Taboo, which examined different approaches to the war on drugs by framing it as a healthcare problem.

The documentary, which included interviews with world leaders including Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter, was released in 22 nations and finally became a 20-part Brazilian TV series.

The Brazilian president has had disagreements with movie makers before. In April of this year, he satirically reacted to Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio’s use of social media to push the young people of the South American nation to participate in the upcoming elections.

The Oscar-winning environmentalist tweeted:

“Brazil is home to the Amazon and other ecosystems critical to climate change. What happens there matters to us all and youth voting is key in driving change for a healthy planet,”

Bolsonaro, whose plans include reducing environmental safeguards for the Amazon rainforest and igniting international controversy, reacted with sarcasm:

“Leo, I appreciate your assistance. It’s crucial that every Brazilian cast a ballot in the next elections. Our people will determine whether or not they want to be dominated by thugs who represent foreign special interests or maintain our sovereignty over the Amazon.