MMA : This group isn’t going to be trodden on ‘

“Nobody’s going to be teasing this gang,” says Week 2 MMA fighter training.

The shrimping hurts my shoulder, the drills hurt my legs, the kicks hurt my shins, and the squats hurt my butt. What, on the other hand, does not hurt?

Week 2 is in the books, and it was much easier than week 1 due to knowing a little more about what to anticipate, but it was a little more stressful because it was my first training plus UFC fight week. I had to leave early on Wednesday to get to UFC Vegas 56 media day on time, and I had to skip Friday altogether because the UFC moved the weigh-ins up an hour earlier than usual.

It’s those “breaks” that the typical person might regard as a blessing or a gift, but in reality, they only serve to disrupt my routine and put me behind schedule. I’ve actually canceled a number of my travel plans and will instead stay in town rather than travel with the UFC since this program is very important to me and I want to give it my all.

During week two, UFC fighter Kevin Holland tweeted his support

A sympathetic tweet from UFC fighter Kevin Holland indicating support for the four media people going through the program was one of the highlights of the week. Those tweets mean a lot to me, and I appreciate everyone’s support.

We’re making more progress than we anticipated (or so we are told). We’ve previously done some mild partner striking drills and live rolling. I mastered the double leg takedown and overcame my anxiety about being thrown to the mats.

I’ve already begun to show the consequences of training (a large bruise on my elbow), which I proudly display.

With the UFC in Singapore next week, I’ll be able to devote the entire week to training, and possibly even more if my body allows it.