No one, not even the Pirates’ own players, is able to watch them

That much is true. Rodolfo Castro carried his phone out into the basepaths because the Pittsburgh Pirates are currently so unwatchable (apart from a handful; I’m looking at you, Oneil Cruz).

All was good until Castro made the turn for third base, paying careful attention to the current game. The second baseman for the Buccaneers dropped his phone, enabling it to escape his pocket and causing a scene.

Who at a baseball game doesn’t need to check Twitter?

Castro made a brilliant error, as funny as it may be to make fun of. Anyone who has ever visited a ballpark knows how important a cell phone is. Without one, watching a four-hour baseball game is sort of boring.

As much as anyone, I adore baseball, but Tuesday night’s Pirates-Diamondbacks game? You’re asking a lot, even from ardent supporters. A phone is a useful diversion.

Pirates: Rodolfo Castro clarifies the cell phone gaffe

Castro made the error of carrying it onto the field in the first place and failing to check that it was well-buried in his pocket before making a daring baserunning move.

No professional baseball player, according to Castro, “would ever go out there with any intentions of grabbing a cellphone.”

It’s awful what occurred to me. It was obviously completely inadvertent.

Castro made the appropriate response. He scooped up the phone when it dropped out of his pocket and gave it to third base coach Mike Rebelo. Instantaneously, a small error was fixed. Castro was, after all, only 90 feet away from home plate.

Manager Derek Shelton stated, “You stick around the game and you see stuff you haven’t seen before.” This was merely a young child who erred. He is simply told, “You can’t do that,” as we move on from the situation.

Castro will hopefully have a lengthy major league career, so this will, if anything, be a teaching moment for him.