The outstanding exit by Edwin Diaz is about to get even better

Edwin Diaz, the Mets’ closer, has gained popularity for his walkout, but Citi Field is about to witness something much better with a new approach to sounding the trumpets.

When New York Mets closer Edwin Diaz takes the mound at Citi Field, there aren’t many things in baseball that are more electrifying right now.

In addition to being among the best in MLB this season in thwarting any comeback attempt by the opposition, his walkout has generated a lot of excitement.

Because of Diaz’s use of the song “Narco” by Blasterjaxx featuring Timmy Trumpet, the phrase “sound the trumpets” has become well-known in New York City. Everyone goes insane when the national song is played loudly across the stadium on trumpets.

But it will soon become even more electrifying, at least for one night at the ballpark.

Timmy Trumpet will reportedly be present at the Mets’ home game in late August and will play the trumpets live from Citi Field.

Edwin Diaz leaves the game in protest at Timmy Trumpet’s live trumpets

Wait till the stadium’s internal trumpets start to play if you think the atmosphere is insane already.

Without Diaz’s absolute supremacy this year, the trumpets would not have become as well-known as they are.

He averages an incredible 18.1 strikeouts per nine innings, has an excellent 26 saves to his name, a lovely 1.39 ERA, and a pitiful 0.86 WHIP for the season.

The fact that the Mets appear to be serious contenders—something supporters have yearned for—makes it even sweeter.

They have the second-best record in baseball, and with a seven-game advantage over the Braves, they seem to be in good shape to clinch the NL East.

Keep blowing the trumpets because New York is now a celebration, starting the night Timmy Trumpet arrives and hopefully continuing for a very, very long time.