Tyler Cameron is accused of using Paige Lorenze to gain a following

Before they revealed their unexpected relationship, Tyler Cameron allegedly informed Paige Lorenze that he wanted a controversy.

On her webcast, Sofia With An F, former Call Her Daddy co-host Sofia Franklyn heard her acknowledge as much.

She remarked, “I felt like he was manipulating me, which may sound selfish considering his tremendous followinge remarked, “I felt like he was manipulating me, which may sound selfish considering his tremendous following.” According to Lorenze, he wanted the media to go crazy.

She stated that he replied, “I need a controversy,” when he noticed how many people were watching my Instagram Story compared to his.

According to Lorenze, 24, who had dated controversial country singer Morgan Wallen and infamous actor Armie Hammer in the past, the couple first connected through mutual friends while they were attending the same events.
Because of his size, athleticism, and beauty, I immediately thought, “This dude is a smoking show.”

In reference to her breakup with Wallen, the 24-year-old model claimed that there had been “s-t” in the media about her relationship.

I think he saw an opportunity. She made it seem like Cameron wanted media attention because he was ready to reveal something—not because he didn’t want me, but rather because she thought that was the real reason he wanted to go public so soon.

The former “Bachelor” contestant, 29, who placed second in Hannah Brown’s season of the program in 2019, was first verified by Page Six to have started dating Lorenze in early July. Less than two months after we saw the first images of them sharing a kiss while strolling through New York City, they broke up.

Much to Lorenze’s shock, Cameron abruptly broke up with her on live television. We had to start going the other way. The moment wasn’t right. It hurt us in a negative way. When he went on EDailyPop ! last month, he said this: “So, we’re back to not dating anymore.”

Cameron went on to clarify that even though they are no longer together, he and Lorenze still care deeply about and respect one another.