Why Amazonite Is Important For Mercury Retrograde Protection

Why Amazonite Is Key To Protecting Yourself On Mercury Retrograde—and How Lighting This Candle Can Help

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Mercury retrograde has arrived, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Today is the opening day of the year’s first three-week astrological period, which you both love and despise and have conflicting thoughts about. Don’t be surprised if you get a text from that individual who ghosted you a few weeks ago, or if your computer dies at any time between now and February 3. Mercury is the ruler of all things communication, travel, and technology, so when it goes retrograde, things are bound to go crazy.

That’s why we’re lighting this new Birthdate Co. crystal-infused candle, which is designed to help you avoid the “poor vibes” that Mercury retrograde is known for. Survive Mercury Retrograde Candle ($42) was created specifically to help purchasers get through the first round of retrogrades in 2022. It was meticulously prepared with a reading and an amazonite crystal to help you get through the next three weeks.

Why amazonite?

If you’re unfamiliar with amazonite (or crystals in general), the turquoise gemstone is known for its healing and nurturing qualities. This specific form of feldspar (a sort of glossy rock found in the Earth’s crust) is typically associated with a sense of tranquility, self-awareness, and self-love, according to Rachel Lang, astrologer and author of Modern Day Magic.

“Feldspar is related with the sign of Aquarius,” according to Lang, which is the sign Mercury is in when it goes retrograde. “Amazonite is a purifying and peace stone. It aids in the restoration of inner balance, free of stress and fear… This is a spiritual stone that can assist us in feeling more connected to the cosmos as well as our spiritual guides and assistance.”

According to Lang, amazonite is useful for bringing purity and serenity during times of uncertainty because it is renowned as the peacemaker’s stone (aka, this first go-round at Mercury retrograde.) The aqua-colored stone can help with restoring equilibrium, calming worries and fears, and defending against and dissipating negative energy.

“Things feel more acute during Mercury retrograde because we’re more conscious of what isn’t functioning in our lives. Minor setbacks or annoyances are part of the process of correcting our course and moving from fear to power “Lang explains. “‘[Amazonite] is a protecting and balancing stone for our mental, emotional, and physical bodies. It’s a peacemaker’s stone, yet true peace begins within. This stone aids in the restoration of inner peace, allowing you to be a peacemaker in your family, community, and throughout the world.” With all of this in mind, it’s no surprise that Birthdate Co. chose it as the stone for their Mercury retrograde candle.

Spark this candle, spark some joy

The candle itself is packaged in a reusable 8.5-ounce glass with a burn duration of more than 45 hours. You’re probably familiar with Birthdate Co.’s collection of personalized birthdate candles—the Survive Mercury Retrograde candle is based on the same concept, but applies the personalisation to this specific moment of Mercury retrograde rather than a birthdate (the dates are clearly printed on the label).

This candle isn’t just necessary for surviving the next two weeks because of the buried amazonite stone. Its new lavender vetiver smell was created with the intention of instilling sensations of grounding, balance, and tranquility in the wearer. These hand-picked smells give an instant sense of serenity when things become stressful, with notes of fresh bergamot, zesty orange flower and geranium, and tranquil cedarwood. So you can light a match and feel as calm as a cucumber if you get a text from your ex or your computer dies unexpectedly.

These following few weeks, based on previous Mercury retrogrades, are going to be… interesting. Rather of being caught up in the confusion and imbalance that this astrological event may bring, empower yourself with the Survive Mercury Retrograde candle from Birthdate Co., which is available online until the next Mercury retrograde in 2022.

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