With MAE, you can save 28% on your CNY family meals and enter to win…

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With MAE, you can save 28% on your CNY family meals and enter to win 5 grams of 999.9 gold.

When I used to visit my homeland of Penang for Chinese New Year, I was always excited to visit my favorite eateries, whose simple stalls and stores had become local landmarks.

A dish of char kuey teow skillfully fried by the man my family refers to as Taxi Station Uncle (his cart business was located adjacent to a taxi station) would signify to me that Chinese New Year had officially begun.

Unfortunately, the epidemic made it difficult for most people to visit their Uncles at Taxi Stations, and this may continue this year even if travel restrictions have been relaxed.

However, Maybank’s Sama-Sama Lokal project essentially offers these eateries an online presence by allowing them to sell their meals through the MAE app, making it easier for you to continue buying from your favorite eateries—and, more crucially, for them to be able to sustain their operations.

Having your Chinese New Year feast delivered to your door

There are plenty of eateries on Sama-Sama Lokal in Klang Valley (because that’s where I’ll most likely celebrate the holidays this year). However, there is a healthy selection of grocery stores, confectionery businesses, and fruit vendors.

I was able to limit down suppliers from which to order poon Choi and yee sung for the festivities after a fast search.

As part of their Future Fortune Chinese New Year campaign this year, Sama-Sama Lokal is offering a 28 percent discount (maximum value of RM10) on orders over RM30.

Getting to the Sama-Sama Lokal page on the MAE app

Plus, I’ll save even more money because they’re giving away free deliveries worth up to RM10 every purchase.

The best thing is that the merchants you buy with will receive 100% of the money you pay because Maybank does not take a commission on Sama-Sama Lokal transactions.

As a result, sellers may maintain reduced costs, allowing you, the client, to enjoy a more reasonable reunion supper during Lunar New Year.

Increase your odds of striking gold

You’ll earn opportunities to play the Future Fortune game by tapping on a Golden Orb of your choice to reveal your prize every time you spend or execute transactions using the MAE app, including buying food on Sama-Sama Lokal.

These could include cash awards and shopping vouchers redeemable at Zalora, Caring Pharmacy, Shopee, and other participating shops.

However, on Tuesdays, one of the orbs you tap may disclose the reward that every participant is hoping to win: 999.9 gold, 5 g

Stand a chance to win 5g 999.9 gold

If you’re not familiar with fine metal terminology, this effectively implies that the gold you’re competing for is 99.99 percent pure, which is the same as 24-karat pure gold. At the time of writing, 5 grams of this metal was worth roughly RM1,380.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

If you anticipate needing to distribute stacks of ang passes to friends and relatives this year, you might want to consider using the MAE app’s e-Angpao feature.

You can win a fortunate draw prize of RM888 cash and a chance to play the Future Fortune game for every e-Angpao you spend.

Using the cashless Scan & Pay function on MAE when shopping for new clothes or dining out with friends gives you the chance to win up to RM88 cashback for every transaction worth RM30 or more.

Sending e-Angpao and paying your bills also earn you chances to play the game

You’ll also get opportunities to strike gold, which is in keeping with the campaign’s concept.

Using the MAE app during the weekends can potentially double your chances of participating in the game. So make sure to enable push notifications on your phone.

The Future Fortune promotion runs from now through February 27, 2022, giving you plenty of opportunities to win prizes while celebrating the Year of the Tiger.

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