With NIL deals in all sports, Ohio State is reaching ridiculous heights

The Ohio State University is gradually becoming the college sports universe’s NIL capital.

In the beautiful world of NIL, no institution does a better job of putting its student-athletes in situations to succeed than The Ohio State University when it comes to name, image, and likeness.

In NIL’s Wild, Wild West stage, OSUNIL is redefining the game. In the first year after NIL was implemented, the Buckeyes negotiated over 1,000 contracts.

They lead the nation in both overall NIL compensation and the number of student-athletes who have received at least one NIL contract. This should come as no surprise to anyone, as Ohio State was always going to be a top contender in this competition.

NIL may help other institutions level the playing field, but a juggernaut like this is difficult to stop.

When it comes to NIL deals, Ohio State is swiftly becoming the gold standard

People were suspicious when Ohio State head coach Ryan Day claimed a few weeks ago that the football team would need at least $13 million per year to stay afloat.

Day, on the other hand, is a sharp individual who is more than capable of seeing around corners. The Buckeyes excel athletically in a variety of sports, not only football. They typically field strong teams in a variety of sports.

When it comes to the NIL game, there are only a few universities that can really compete with Ohio State. This is Ohio’s flagship university, located in the heart of the state.

While the Buckeyes will join the Big 12 next summer, they have long profited from being the state’s sole Power Five university. They’re also completely drenched in booster cash.

Despite the fact that it isn’t quite a bidding war, Ohio State appears to have more bargaining leverage than other institutions in their position.

Michigan State is expected to contribute some funds, as the university is now taking college athletics very seriously. Others will be able to make NIL work for them as well, but Ohio State appears to be ahead of the pack.

It’s incredible to imagine Ohio State was able to close that many NIL deals in its first year.