With the Tim Anderson issue, Josh Donaldson was disappointed that the Yankees…


Josh Donaldson was dissatisfied with the Yankees’ response to the Tim Anderson situation

Josh Donaldson was enraged that his New York Yankees teammates did not support him after phoning Tim Anderson. “Jackie.”

The New York Yankees’ Josh Donaldson was fined one game earlier this month for referring to Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson as “Jackie [Robinson]” during a game on May 21. Donaldson was admonished for it by many White Sox players. Judge and Boone, the Yankees’ best outfielder, have both said that he shouldn’t have said those things to begin with.

After being criticized for what he said during batting practice on June 1, Donaldson said he was sad that his teammates did not stand up for him.

Josh Donaldson was disappointed that his Yankee teammates did not back him after Tim Anderson’s remarks.

“I think that was tough to hear, for sure, just for the simple fact that I pride myself on being a good teammate, and everywhere I’ve went, every organization that I’ve been a part of, minus Oakland, has offered me extensions, has wanted me to stay back,” Donaldson said, h/t ESPN.

“They’ve showed that they wanted me a part of their team. Obviously it didn’t work out that way,” he said. “And that’s just the business end of it. And also everywhere I went, I’ve won. I think part of winning is having good team chemistry, and I’ve taken pride everywhere I’ve went I’ve always tried to help people try to get better.”

Judge spoke with the media about what Donaldson said to Anderson, saying, “Joke or not, I simply don’t think that’s the correct thing to do there.”

Meanwhile, Boone said Donaldson’s comments were “somewhere he shouldn’t be going.”

White Sox manager Tony La Russa termed Donaldson’s words “racist” shortly after the game, and Anderson acknowledged that he asked “what’s up, Jackie?” during the game at issue.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Donaldson admitted that he made the Robinson remark, but clarified that it was in response to Anderson’s statement in a 2019 interview that he feels like “today’s Jackie Robinson.” He then went on to say that he joked about it with Anderson.

“I won’t speak to you, you won’t speak to me, if that’s how you’re going to refer to me,” Anderson said when asked for his side of the tale.

The MLB stated that Donaldson would be suspended for his comments, causing the benches between New York and Chicago to clear. Donaldson has filed an appeal against his suspension.

After he was banned, Donaldson released a statement in which he said he was sorry for upsetting Anderson and sent his condolences to the family of Jackie Robinson.