Zhuri James’ Natural Inches Flow With Savannah James’ Home Routines

Savannah James Has Zhuri James’ Natural Inches Flowing With Her Home Routines

Some of us have distinct memories of washing dishes in the kitchen sink during our childhood! Because mama Savannah James has their regimen down pat, Zhuri James may one day share her own hair care story. She’s been Zhuri’s “kitchen beautician” for seven years, and the natural inches are pouring in!

Savannah posted a one-minute film to her verified Instagram account on Sunday evening. Her and Zhuri were photographed in what appeared to be a home salon in the post.

Savannah captioned the photo, “A small glimpse inside our wash/trim say routine.”

The background of the film features grey marble walls, a giant hair dryer, and product shelf. Savannah demonstrates her tools, which include a flat iron, rattail comb, and ‘Zhuri’s Hair Oil,’ a home-packaged hair oil. Later, she trims Zhuri’s ends with rainbow-colored scissors.

Savannah clarifies in the post that she is not a professional beautician, but rather a “kitchen beautician,” with a disclaimer in the caption.

Savannah wrote, “I am not a professional.” I work in the kitchen as a beautician. Over the previous seven years, the process I utilize has led us to this point. Please don’t bother to come after me.”

We may just have to come after her, but with a compliment! Zhuri’s tresses are seen draping beyond her shoulders and resting around her elbows in the video. Her hair appears to be in good condition, with plenty of natural volume, shine, and a flowy texture.