Amber Heard’s friend Eve Barlow joined her and her daughter Oonagh Paige…

Amber Heard’s friend Eve Barlow joined her and her daughter Oonagh Paige on their trip to Israel

Eve Barlow, A Friend Of The Actress, Joined Amber Heard And Her Daughter Oonagh Paige On Their Trip To Israel

Heard and Eve Barlow, who was dismissed from the former’s $50 million libel case against Johnny Depp, were recently spotted eating lunch together in Tel Aviv, Israel.

An Israeli journalist posted a picture of the friends eating outside last week. Barlow wore a white tank top casually, while the actress wore minimal makeup and two french braids.

Heard, 36, was captured on camera the day before with a stroller. Her one-year-old daughter Oonagh, Paige Heard, had been exploring the city.

Eve Barlow

Eve Barlow

As previously reported by Page Six, Barlow was summarily dismissed from the Depp-Heard trial in April for “currently residing, texting, and disseminating material” while sat in the front row, which is usually reserved for defense counsel.

At the time, we were told by people familiar with the Fairfax, Virginia courthouse that the British music critic had run afoul of Judge Penney S. Azcarate for her conduct, which included allegedly attempting to interfere in the case of Depp-supporting witness Gina Deuters.

Judge Azcarate eventually granted Barlow’s request to be permanently barred from the hearings, stating that the former deputy editor of New Musical Express (NME) would “not [be] getting back into the courthouse during this case.”

Depp, 59, sued Heard in 2019 after she wrote an opinion article for the Washington Post about experiencing family violence while they were married from 2015 to 2017. The “Aquaman” actress filed a $100 million complaint against the star in 2020.

Even though Heard did not particularly mention Depp in the piece, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor said that his ex-wife made up the inflammatory charges, which he claimed destroyed his career, in order to receive a sizeable divorce settlement.

Depp’s reputation was restored after he won the case in June and was assessed $10 million in compensatory penalties and $5 million in punitive penalties.