Everything we’ve ever learned about absurdity Tommy Pham-Joc Pederson slaps

There is additional information about Joc Pederson’s altercation with Tommy Pham ahead of the San Francisco Giants’ game against the Cincinnati Reds on May 27.

The story leaked ahead of the San Francisco Giants-Cincinnati Reds weekend series opener on May 27 that Joc Pederson and Tommy Pham had gotten into a brawl during batting practice. Both teams had to be separated after the altercation in the outfield.

Giants manager Gabe Kapler had no comment on the incident, only that the team was looking into it.

New information has emerged about what prompted Pham to smack Pederson ahead of their Friday night clash. And it turned out to be—fantasy football?

Everything we know about Tommy Pham’s altercation with Joc Pederson

The Athletic’s C. Trent Rosecrans and Andrew Baggarly were the first to report that Pham slapped Pederson in the face during pregame. The argument between the two started from “a disagreement the two had in a group text for a fantasy football league that involves players from various clubs,” according to multiple sources.

Pham was taken out of the lineup before the game began because he agreed to sit out pending the outcome of an MLB inquiry. According to Rosecrans and Baggarly, the Giants requested that Pham be removed from the game, which the Reds refused to do until close to first pitch.

The last minute replacement for Pham was Albert Almora Jr.

We will likely hear more about the situation from either the players themselves, or at the conclusion of the league’s investigation into the matter.