Ozzie Albies encourages Joey Votto, who is mic’d up, to acquire a diamond tooth

Watch: Ozzie Albies Encourages Mic’d Up Joey Votto To Get A Diamond Tooth

Ozzie Albies, a player for the Atlanta Braves, gave Cincinnati Reds player Joey Votto some fashion tips

During their telecast of the Cincinnati Reds’ game versus the World Series champion Atlanta Braves, ESPN had first baseman Joey Votto mic’d up.

When Atlanta Braves second baseman Ozzie Albies gets to first base, Votto greets him in the same way he always does.

Albies is asked what he thinks of Votto’s having a diamond tooth.

Albies feels this is a good fashion decision and tells Votto to “Go for it!”

Albies reiterated once more that Votto should go for it, and Votto reacted with a hesitant affirmation. “Get it, bro!” says the narrator. Albies remarked.

Votto claimed that the television crew advised him to check with Albies about the diamond tooth scenario, and Albies laughed it off. “I told them no,” Votto added, “because he’s too young.” “I’m going through a midlife crisis.”

After the Ozzie Albies conversation, Joey Votto should be mic’d up for every game.

Joey Votto is an absolute treasure.

And Twitter agrees!

We need an entire TikTok series with Joey and Ozzie.

— Ladies of Nationals Baseball (@LONTDC1) April 8, 2022

How can you NOT LOVE Votto??

— Steven A Morris, Jr (@LegoMyGamo) April 8, 2022

One Twitter user was in the dark until tonight about the wonder of Joey Votto.

Smh it wasn’t until JUST NOW that I asked “he’s Canadian?!?!” I’ve actually never heard him speak … shame on me

— 🇺🇸Guggenheim Buying Power, Inc. (@g_willakerz) April 8, 2022

Votto’s new TikTok page may be used to explore deeper into the diamond tooth decision. If not, Votto is a nice character to have around during in-game interviews and other enjoyable occasions.

It was the first day of the season, and Votto was all about having a good time.

On opening night, the Reds defeated the Braves 6-3. Jonathan India was brought home on a single by Votto in the third inning.