In a throwback Thanksgiving photo, Elon Musk admits to cutting his…

In a throwback Thanksgiving photo, Elon Musk admits to cutting his own and his son X AE A-XII Musk’s hair

Recently, Elon Musk has captured the public’s attention. The billionaire occasionally offers explanations for his self-promotional statements.

Following the news of his divorce from singer Grimes and the subsequent birth of their second child through surrogacy, a genuine dispute over Twitter’s acquisition gained traction. But that was only the beginning.

Ilon’s reputation was damaged this summer when a lot of additional items from his biography surfaced. He originally admitted to having a casual relationship with a staff member at his workplace.

Second, the writers of the legendary newspaper WSJ were made aware of Musk’s relationship with the wife of his close friend Sergey Brin. This is contested by both sides.

Elon likely decided to temporarily halt his biting remarks and restrict the information he posts on his Twitter profile to that which is guaranteed to generate good feedback.

As a result, a rare photograph of the adult son, Ax, of the world’s richest man appeared on his blog. It’s true that the child himself attracted far less attention than his haircut.

After watching too many Vikings the previous year, Musk playfully remarked. He said in answer to one of his supporters that he had also tonsured himself and his child.

I seem to remember that this hairstyle was strongly criticized online. In a thorough cover piece for Vanity Fair published in March, Grimes talked about Musk’s relationship with their son.

“I just feel like kids ought to keep out of whatever is going on with family difficulties, and X is just out there,” she added of her son’s being in the spotlight.

I mean, I think Elon really treats him like a protégé and takes him everywhere. X is here, “she continued. That describes his situation.