Jennifer Hudson Is Getting Her Own Daytime Talk Show, Which Will Premiere…

Jennifer Hudson Set To Host Her Own Daytime Talk Show Coming This Fall

Jennifer Hudson Is Getting Her Own Daytime Talk Show, Which Will Premiere This Fall.

It’s official, roommates! Jennifer Hudson, an Oscar, and Grammy winner will debut her own daytime chat program on FOX and Hearst television stations in the autumn, bringing the show to 60 percent of the country.

According to Variety, the production company opted to continue forward with “The Jennifer Hudson Project” after shooting a test pilot for the show last fall.

Jennifer Hudson said of the incredible opportunity to host her own show, “I have experienced so much in my life; I’ve seen the highest of highs, the lowest of lows, and just about everything in between, but as my mother always said, ‘Once you think you’ve seen it all, just carry on living.'”

People from all around the world have been a part of my journey since the beginning – twenty years ago — and I’m excited to join them as we sit down and discuss what inspires and moves us all.”

“I have always liked people,” she continued, “and I cannot wait to connect on a deeper level and let audiences see the various parts of who I am, the human being.”

And I’m ecstatic to be doing it with such a fantastic group of people. We’re about to have a great time and shake things up a bit!”

The show’s premiere date has yet to be determined. Congratulations, we’re very excited to see it!