Lane Kiffin responds to Dabo Swinney’s NIL and transfer portal comments…

Lane Kiffin responds to Dabo Swinney’s NIL and transfer portal comments with candor

When it comes to NIL and the transfer portal, Lane Kiffin and Dabo Swinney want some control.

With collegiate football in the Wild West stages of NIL and the transfer portal, Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin echoes Clemson’s Dabo Swinney on the can of worms that has been popped open.

In college football, Swinney has been the most vocal opponent of the transfer site. He does not use it, instead bringing back exclusively former Clemson players. In terms of NIL, he wants it to be more controlled than it already is.

Kiffin tends to agree with Swinney on the NIL front.

On The Rich Eisen Show, Kiffin stated, “I read it—I actually emailed him, ‘Good work,’ on it because it is.” “I’m in favor of children earning money.”

It’s just that there isn’t one — I’ve been saying this since Day 1. How does the NFL work without a salary cap? Different clubs have different amounts of money, and there are no genuine contracts based on it since they aren’t necessarily committed. Every year, everyone might theoretically be a free agent. “

NIL groups will figure out how to get around a collegiate sports salary cap, but the NCAA should at least have transfer portals like those in professional soccer, like they do in the NFL.

Lane Kiffin agrees with Dabo Swinney that NIL must be regulated immediately

The NCAA will impose constraints and standards on NIL in the future, but in the present, it is pure and unadulterated lawlessness. That may change in the future, but not right now.

“I’ve clearly said a lot about NIL since the beginning of it,” Kiffin said. Let’s make sure we understand that I enjoy the players getting paid.

I just tell it like it is. I guess I’ve been called a clown before for telling it like it is, but NIL has a lot to do with where players go, and to think otherwise is insane.

From Swinney’s standpoint, it’s all about protecting the status quo of the Clemson program he constructed.

In the years leading up to NIL and the transfer portal, he turned this southeastern college football program into a national power.

He may be as obstinate as Bob Knight when it comes to the transfer site, but there’s nothing he can do about players getting paid.

Kiffin, on the other hand, is dealing with the unpleasant realities of coaching at a non-blue-blood program.

Ole Miss has money, but not to the extent that the SEC’s more traditional authorities can supply it. He’s essentially taken over a franchise in a mid-to-small market that can’t outbid the Los Angeles Lakers or the New York Yankees. This must be difficult for him.

Keep an eye out for other famous names. Power Five coaches have asked for NIL and the transfer site to be regulated.